No Shots. No Drill. No Pain. – No Extra Cost!

Two things that most patients dislike the most about having dental work done are the shots and numb feeling when they leave the office that can last for several hours. Laser dentistry has made it possible to avoid the use of shots, so that patients can get out of the dental chair without a hint of numbness.

Dental drills grind away tooth. Ouch, it hurts just to say it! WaterLase© MD is an advanced laser dentistry tool that uses a unique, powerful interaction of YSGG laser wavelength and proprietary water/air spray that cuts, etches and shapes target tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure!

Light energy pulses very rapidly energizes the water spray and allows the laser to cut away tooth structure very quickly and precisely and without causing pain.

This video clip shows how quickly and easily the PowerLase AT can essentially wash away decayed tooth structure. The procedure is painless and no anesthetic was needed.

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    Dr. Azzawi:
    I am very nervous and dental phobic. I am fearful of needles after I had surgery . I have periodontal disease. I have receding gums, 4 loose teeth and a broken tooth. I was asked to remove many of my teeth after rootplanning and treatment with antibiotics. I did not. I avoided dentists and did some holistic gum treatment with good results.

    I wonder whether there is hope for me to get treatment with laser without needles?
    I am nervous even to get a consultation. I saw the videos which are state of the art.
    Can the PowerLase AT be used to remove the decayed tooth structure instead of the traditional method of shots?

    I understand it is hard to answer my questions without a consultation.

    Thank you.


    • azzawi says:

      Hello Eugene,

      We see patients with very similar circumstances to yours everyday. We have many ways of dealing with nervous patients using painless treatment options. The no touch laser and water powered drill would be a good option for you along with laser gum treatments. We do recommend coming into the office for a consultation immediately before your problems get worse. No fear the consultation would not require any painful probing.

      Take a look at our patient testimonials, we are very good at working with patients that are fearful of treatments.

      Please call 909-466-3899 to schedule an appointment.

      Thank you,

      Azzawi Dental

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